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We have huge range of outdoor timber in stock for your immediate purchase.

Treated Pine Kiln Dried

Treated Pine that has been kiln dried after treatment is structurally rated to F5/F7 and the movement of the timber is greatly reduced. It is used predominately for outside structural use such pergolas, decks, decorative fencing and more.

H4 90 x 90 posts
Shiplap Cladding
Lattice Surround
Handrail & Fence Capping
Rougher Header (Laser cut)

Treated Pine Rough Sawn(CCA)

Predominately used for fencing, treated pine rough sawn timber is an ideal choice for outdoor applications as it has been chemically treated.

Rail – 75 X 50
Plinth – 150 X 25, 150 X 38
Cleats – 100 X 50
Palings – 100mm, 150mm
Sleepers- 200 x 50, 200 x 75, 200 x 100

ACQ Treated Pine timber also available for environment friendly applications.


An alternate material to use instead of treated timber, hardwood can by used in fencing and once dried, can be used as structural timber (F17). It is stronger and contains no chemical treatment but less resistant to rot and termite damage.

Rail – 75 X 50
Plinth – 150 X 25
Palings – 100mm, 125mm
Posts – 125 x 75, 125 x 125, 150 x 150, larger sizes to order


Not as strong as hardwood but less prone to rot and termite attack as it has a natural preservative. It is used for posts and pickets due to its smooth finish. It can be cut and machined to fashion decorative style fences.

Pickets – Blanks & Windsor tops, others avail to order
Posts – 100 x 100, 125 x 75, 125 x 125, 150 x 150, 200 x 200 +more


We carry a large range of imported & Australian decking at competitive prices. See our page on decking for more information.

Spotted Gum
Treated Pine
Silver Top

Treated Pine Lattice

Lattice can be used as decoration or a privacy screen on top of an existing fence. It is available in many sizes and styles and if you need a specific size, we can have it made for you. From standard square, to bullnose rounded and also a diagonal lattice, the choices are huge.

LOSP Pine (Primed)

LOSP – Light Organic Solvent-borne Preservatives, this pine is pre primed and can be used outdoors for pergolas that require a smooth finish. It is less prone to movement than standard treated pine.

A large range of sizes in store.
Fascia Boards

Pine (Non Treated)

Non treated pine is used for internal use such as wall beams and studs. These timbers are subject to stress tests and are graded accordingly.

Merch & MGP10
F7 Structural Grade